So, obviously I like books.

Books with two men (or sometimes more).

You know what I mean. ;)



Refreshingly different

The Return - Brad Boney

Some things are just meant to happen. Like meeting the love of your life. Twice.


Stanton Porter is 50, successful, sexy and single. Enough reasons for Topher to fall in love. They have so much in common, but Stanton has more than one reason why they shouldn’t date. Like the age difference, nasty comments from fans or his past. But Topher isn’t the kind of guy to give up. Not his dream and definitely not Stanton.


When I first saw this cover and read the blurb – sometime last year – I knew this was a book I wanted to read. And yep, I’m really happy I finally did.


The story was not what I expected. I thought this would be an “ordinary” contemporary love story, with a little bit music and maybe some drama. Instead I got a great and entertaining story with a paranormal twist and characters that felt so real, that I could feel the emotions and their love for music. All the films, books, bands and musicians mentioned in the story made this book really realistic. I often sat there and thought: Yes! I know this! (Other times I needed to stop myself from googling. ;) )


There were one or two scenes which were a little bit too fairytale-like (like the ending), but this didn’t ruin the book for me. It was refreshingly different and I absolutely enjoyed it.

When All the World Sleeps

When All The World Sleeps - Lisa Henry,  J.A Rock


Dark, gripping and beautiful. Totally loved it.

Permanently Legless

Permanently Legless - J.L. Merrow

3.75 stars.


Can I have more books like this one, please? A little bit heartbreaking but at the same time full of hope!

Love, Like Water

Love, Like Water - Rowan Speedwell


A romantic and enjoyable cowboy story with probably the weirdest first sex scene I’ve ever read. But somewhere around the last third of the book, the story changed completely. Sadly in a way I didn’t like so much.

Unbroken Hearts

Unbroken Hearts - K-lee Klein

3 – 3.5 stars.

It was really nice to see the boys from "Unbreak my Heart" again.
It’s Valentine’s Day and yep, it’s sweet. :)

Red Dirt Heart

Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt #1) - N.R. Walker


3 – 3.5 stars.


The beginning was a bit boring, but I enjoyed the last chapters!

The Prince and the Practitioner - Christian Baines



Hard to rate. Maybe somewhere around 3 stars.

Ice and vampires.

Ice - L.J. LaBarthe


2 – 2.5 stars.


The Dome, Koby’s new, temporary home, isn’t what it seems. There are rumors of mistreated and tortured vampires and it’s not the first time Koby hears of them. He’s not sure, if he should believe it or not. That is, until he witnesses the cruel things that happen in Antarctica.


Most of the time I can tell if I like a book or not while reading the first few pages. With Ice it was the same. I just couldn’t feel a connection to the characters and it didn’t help, that I rolled my eyes at some scenes. The blurb sounded so much better than the actual book.


Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock

Damn. That was hot.


Captivating, funny and hot.


Most of the time I complain that books in our genre have too many sex scenes in them. I guess that’s not right. They just have the wrong sex scenes in them! Boring, long and unimaginative. Not so in “Mark Cooper versus America”! I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed every single sex scene in a book. I know I repeat myself, but damn, they were hot!


And before everyone starts thinking there’s nothing else in this book – there is! For example rushing, pledging or hazing. I must confess, at first I was as clueless as Mark. But I really enjoyed learning more about fraternities (is it really that bad in some of them? O.o).


Then there are the characters – everyone of them unique. Mark and Deacon are great together (and hot), Brandon broke my heart, Bengal is an asshole and Blake a sweet and sometimes clueless bloke. In some way I loved them all.


And before I forget it – the story: Mark, an Australian guy, comes to America, is confronted with lots of weird words and spelling mistakes and is convinced that he will hate it here. But then there’s Deacon. And Deacon isn’t so bad at all. Actually he’s hot and smart and suddenly America isn’t as bad as it seemed. If it weren’t for these strange fraternities…  


A funny, gripping and heartwarming book (I lost a few hours of sleep because of it!).


Oh, and hot!

Devil at the Crossroads

Devil at the Crossroads - Cornelia Grey


Ah, damn. What a heartbreakingly beautiful story.

Werewolves everywhere!

Bad Moon Rising - Kayla Bain-Vrba;Erica Kealey;Sasha L. Miller;Ashley Shaw;Lupin Drake;May Ridge;M.J. Willow;Elizah J. Davis;Megan Derr

Moon Dogs by Erica Kealey – 2.75 stars: Not bad, but nothing spectacular either.


The Wolf and the Moon by Kayla Bain-Vrba – 2 stars: No werewolves, but this story reminded me of the Hunger Games. O.o


A Kind of Remedy by Ashley Shaw – 2.75 stars: I wanted to read more about the pack. :(


The Were Curse by Sasha L. Miller – 3.75 stars: Finally a story I liked! Dominic was one of my favorite side characters and I wanted to know more about him!


Runaway Prince by May Ridge – 2.5 stars: A whore and a prince. It was okay, but I didn’t like it.


The Wolf’s Moor by Lupin Drake – 3.5 stars: I loved the Scottish dialect! (I hope it was Scottish…)


Moonwitch by M. J. Willow – 4.5 stars: Who is this author? I absolutely loved Moonwitch! It was my favorite story of this anthology!


Coming Home by Elizah J. Davis – 2.75 - 3 stars: The beginning was a little bit confusing but in the end it all made sense. Sweet story.


The Werewolf of Grey Lake Inn by Megan Derr – 3.5 stars: a sweet fantasy story about vampires and werewolves. Loved Astor! But I wanted to read a little bit more about the werewolves.

I Tell Thee All, I Can No More

Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 82 - Neil Clarke;Vajra Chandrasekera;Sunny Moraine;David Tallerman;Ian McDonald;Daryl Gregory

I only read "I Tell Thee All, I Can No More" by Sunny Moraine:


Not what I usually read. Strange and thought-provoking.

Line and Orbit

Line and Orbit - Sunny Moraine, Lisa Soem

4.75 stars.

Great characters + fascinating story = happy reader :)


I Am Here - Evelyn Shepherd


Argh, I can’t!
Too much puking, crying and fucking.

The Colt

The Colt - Kalita Kasar

3.75 - 4 stars.


Imagine you never really had a home and finally found it and a friend you’re beginning to love. What would you do if you see that this friend is hurting? That he seems to need something you can’t give him? Malcolm knows exactly what to do. Stay by his side and help him, no matter what.


The Colt might not be perfect, like the writing was a little bit rough in the beginning. Still, I really liked the book, because the story was so captivating (I liked the first half a little bit more). I can’t really say what part of the story I liked so much. Maybe it was Malcolm, learning what BDSM really is (damn, that one scene in the club!) or how Marcus finally found the strength to fight back. Or the feeling that something bad would happen…. There’s just one thing I know – if you like books with a little bit BDSM (in this case I really wished we could have seen more!) and some sweet parts in-between, this book might be the right one for you.