So, obviously I like books.

Books with two men (or sometimes more).

You know what I mean. ;)




Silent - Sara Alva

Sometimes I want a book that’s heart-wrenching and makes me cry. Silent did this.
(But there are also funny and light-hearted parts! ;))

A Shiny Tin Star

A Shiny Tin Star - Jon  Wilson

There’s one word I immediately thought of after reading the first few pages: Beautiful.


A Shiny Tin Star might not be what you expect after reading the blurb or seeing the cover, because it’s not really your typical western or cowboy romance. But the writing was so beautiful and Gene’s voice so captivating, that I truly enjoyed this ride! A great book with action-packed & heart-wrenching moments and a happy end – even though for one moment I thought it wouldn’t end well. Really liked it!

A Dirty Drag Collection - Kyle Adams

Maybe 2.75 stars.

Sorry, this book wasn't for me... :(

Science fiction meets western!

Rangers over Regulus - Alex Powell

3.25 stars.


Liberty, who’s a vampire, still remembers how cruel life was to his kind. That’s one of the reasons why he avoids the government and works as an assassin on a space station. He just can’t imagine another life. But then a Ranger appears on his station and all hell breaks loose.


Rangers Over Regulus started out to be a really great read and I was totally convinced that I would enjoy every page!   


But at some point, something changed for me. The story lost this special feeling it had at the beginning. I can’t really put my finger on it, maybe it’s because Liberty and Rory morphed into two lovesick guys, who would rather make out than fight – which isn’t exactly a bad thing… but I wanted a little bit more. Or it was Liberty and his reluctance to change sides. He’s a vampire with superhuman powers. And his boss? Totally human. And even though she knew his “secret” it wasn’t really reason enough for me to make the story believable.  


This may sound like I didn’t enjoy the book at all – which is not true! The setting was great and the combination of western and sci-fi was also a winner. There were just some things I didn’t like as much as others. 

I wanted more...

Scavengers: Collection (Zombie Gentlemen) - K.A. Merikan

Scavengers: July – 3.75 stars

Scavengers: August – 2.5 stars

Scavengers: September – 2 stars

Scavengers: Eton Mess – 2 stars


Some of my friends might know that I like zombie stories. Zombie stories with two men in love, action and good writing. I thought I would get all this with this collection and while reading the first story – July – I really thought this could be great!


But there was something that really annoyed me. Both MC’s have names, you know? James and Ira. Instead I read a lot about “the other man”, “the younger man” or “the aristocrat”. Threw me out of the story every time!  But nonetheless, I liked the first story because there were zombies, men in love and action.


But the rest of the stories? I think I read more about their sex life than everything else. I wanted to know so much more! About the world, the people who lived in it and about the zombies. Instead I got one kinky sex scene after the other…  But at least James and Ira got called by their names.

Reading is sexy...



Goblins, Book One - Melanie Tushmore

At first I wasn’t so sure if I would like a romance with goblins, but I soon changed my mind – they were not at all what I thought they would be!


The two fairytale-like stories in this book were funny and sweet (like the goblins – or at least some of them *g* ) and the few pictures were a nice and beautiful surprise! My favorite story was the second – Quiller’s story (I loved him as a rook!).

And for some reason I really liked the goblin king, even though he is a grumpy and angry (and protective) fellow.  


I would love to read more about this world!

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"So he was a Sevener..."

Sevener - Thea Hayworth

This is the second story by Thea Hayworth that I’ve read and just like Wildwood, it was amazing! Maybe even better! The characters, the story, the atmosphere, everything! Beautiful and creepy.


Bump in the Night - Heidi Belleau, Ally Blue, Sam Schooler, Brien Michaels, Peter  Hansen, Kari Gregg, Rachel Haimowitz, Laylah Hunter

Resurrection Man by Laylah Hunter – 3.5 stars: Great idea! I loved this feeling of uncertainty. I thought every minute something terrible would happen.


Mating Season by Kari Gregg – no rating: Totally creepy and disturbing! Seriously! I still have no words. And I don’t know how to rate it…  But it’s definitely not my favorite.


Flesh and Song by Ally Blue – 2.75 stars: Where was the horror? Nice idea, but this story could have been so much better.


Out from Under by Brien Michaels – 3 stars: The best part? Fromunder seeking revenge!


Sleeping with Ghosts by Peter Hansen – 5 stars: I was looking forward to read more by Peter Hansen, but I didn’t expect such an amazing story! It had a dark and captivating atmosphere and a world that was so fascinating, that I didn’t want this story to end.  Really loved it! Sleeping with Ghosts is my favorite story of this anthology!


Blasphemer, Sinner, Saint by Heidi Belleau and Sam Schooler – 4.75 stars: Wow, another really great story! Creepy but totally worth reading!

Aliens, action and a surprising end! ;)

Alpha Trine - Lexi Ander

Lexi Ander created a huge, new world in Alpha Trine, with lots of interesting species and conflicts. Every one of the alien races is different and unique and sometimes even kind of funny (or not) – like the L'Eemas, who will destroy themselves (preferably in a great explosion) when they reach a certain age.


But sometimes it felt like the world was too complex for this one book, like some parts were too short or rushed. Because of all the facts and explanations it took me a while to get into the story.


But it’s only the first book in this series and I know there will be more! There are still so many questions unanswered and I really want to know what will happen to Alpha and… err… you will know what I mean if you read it! ;)

Easy Ryder by Deanna Wadsworth

Easy Ryder - Deanna Wadsworth

3.5 – 3.75 stars.

A nice story – liked a lot of it! But there were also some eye-rolling moments.
And I really liked Snake. Sexy and dirty Snake. ;)

Snowblind by Rose Christo

Snowblind - Rose Christo

Shawn Wapaw has two weeks to stop a suicide six hundred and sixty miles away. Shawn Wapaw is blind.


There’s so much more to this book than the blurb suggests. It’s thought-provoking, sad and at the same time full of hope.


Shawn has an unique and sarcastic worldview and it was beautiful to see him interact with Melanie and Kenneth. It’s not a love story like most of the books in our genre. It’s about family, about injustices and about life.


An unusual but great book!

Metal Heart by Meredith Shayne

Metal Heart - Meredith Shayne

Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll – I guess this fits the story pretty good. :)

Sixteen years ago Scott King was a member of the up-and-coming band “King Phoenix”. At the same time Scott and the lead singer, Ash Walker, were secretly lovers. They swore that nothing would ever come between them and that they would be successful and famous. But new friends, the lure of drugs and fights between the band members made it more and more difficult for them to live their dream.

Now, Scott is older and wiser and he successfully avoided everything relating his past. Until Ash calls again and suddenly it’s not so easy at all to ignore these feelings…

I really liked that we could read about Scott’s past and the present. It made it so much easier to understand why everything happened. Seeing Scott as a young man and an adult was kind of fun. :) Besides Scott and Ash I also really liked Scott’s sister and Alex (no evil women in this book!). The ending was more a HFN and maybe a little bit surprising (because it was so sudden).
Other than that I totally enjoyed this book!

Kid Gloves by Anna Martin

Kid Gloves - Anna Martin

Kid Gloves is a well written, little novella. But it didn’t touch me enough to really like it.

Unbreak My Heart by K-lee Klein

Unbreak My Heart - K-lee Klein

For me Unbreak my Heart was a well paced and emotional story I really liked!

Brett, the owner of the Sharp T, lost someone he dearly loved and never really realized that he stopped living. It’s only when his mom, Millie, brings JT to the farm that things start to change. Finally.
Even though we never really leave the farm or read about other places, it still feels like so much is happening. There’s Millie, Brett’s overeager and sometimes bossy mum, Ray who’s like a brother or father to Brett, JT who’s patiently waiting and of course Brett who at times broke my heart.

Then there’s this little secret of Brett’s lover, Brett’s writing and his former life as a country singer. (This book made me search and listen to country music!)
And of course the beautiful book cover, which fits perfectly! :)

Overall I really loved it, but the last chapter was a bit too sappy for my liking.