Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock

Damn. That was hot.


Captivating, funny and hot.


Most of the time I complain that books in our genre have too many sex scenes in them. I guess that’s not right. They just have the wrong sex scenes in them! Boring, long and unimaginative. Not so in “Mark Cooper versus America”! I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed every single sex scene in a book. I know I repeat myself, but damn, they were hot!


And before everyone starts thinking there’s nothing else in this book – there is! For example rushing, pledging or hazing. I must confess, at first I was as clueless as Mark. But I really enjoyed learning more about fraternities (is it really that bad in some of them? O.o).


Then there are the characters – everyone of them unique. Mark and Deacon are great together (and hot), Brandon broke my heart, Bengal is an asshole and Blake a sweet and sometimes clueless bloke. In some way I loved them all.


And before I forget it – the story: Mark, an Australian guy, comes to America, is confronted with lots of weird words and spelling mistakes and is convinced that he will hate it here. But then there’s Deacon. And Deacon isn’t so bad at all. Actually he’s hot and smart and suddenly America isn’t as bad as it seemed. If it weren’t for these strange fraternities…  


A funny, gripping and heartwarming book (I lost a few hours of sleep because of it!).


Oh, and hot!