The Colt

The Colt - Kalita Kasar

3.75 - 4 stars.


Imagine you never really had a home and finally found it and a friend you’re beginning to love. What would you do if you see that this friend is hurting? That he seems to need something you can’t give him? Malcolm knows exactly what to do. Stay by his side and help him, no matter what.


The Colt might not be perfect, like the writing was a little bit rough in the beginning. Still, I really liked the book, because the story was so captivating (I liked the first half a little bit more). I can’t really say what part of the story I liked so much. Maybe it was Malcolm, learning what BDSM really is (damn, that one scene in the club!) or how Marcus finally found the strength to fight back. Or the feeling that something bad would happen…. There’s just one thing I know – if you like books with a little bit BDSM (in this case I really wished we could have seen more!) and some sweet parts in-between, this book might be the right one for you.