Bump in the Night - Heidi Belleau, Ally Blue, Sam Schooler, Brien Michaels, Peter  Hansen, Kari Gregg, Rachel Haimowitz, Laylah Hunter

Resurrection Man by Laylah Hunter – 3.5 stars: Great idea! I loved this feeling of uncertainty. I thought every minute something terrible would happen.


Mating Season by Kari Gregg – no rating: Totally creepy and disturbing! Seriously! I still have no words. And I don’t know how to rate it…  But it’s definitely not my favorite.


Flesh and Song by Ally Blue – 2.75 stars: Where was the horror? Nice idea, but this story could have been so much better.


Out from Under by Brien Michaels – 3 stars: The best part? Fromunder seeking revenge!


Sleeping with Ghosts by Peter Hansen – 5 stars: I was looking forward to read more by Peter Hansen, but I didn’t expect such an amazing story! It had a dark and captivating atmosphere and a world that was so fascinating, that I didn’t want this story to end.  Really loved it! Sleeping with Ghosts is my favorite story of this anthology!


Blasphemer, Sinner, Saint by Heidi Belleau and Sam Schooler – 4.75 stars: Wow, another really great story! Creepy but totally worth reading!