City of Soldiers by Sam Burke

City of Soldiers - Sam Burke

4 - 4.5 stars.

City of Soldiers isn’t your typical love story, but it’s refreshingly different with realistic and charming characters I really liked! Especially Roman! :)

There’s a good mystery part mixed with a little bit fantasy and lots of questions and riddles that kept me up till 4 am last night because I wanted to solve them. *lol* Who is the murderer? What is Delphi and would it work out between Sean and Roman?


I actually really liked it that all four – Michael, Kristian, Roman and Sean – had some kind of “weird” relationship together!

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I really liked that I wasn’t 100% sure, how this story would end and I enjoyed every minute of it! The ending itself was very fitting, at least for me. Still, I can see why some readers might be a bit disappointed, because of the slightly unusual ending/romance.

Now all I need is a sequel, because I would love to know more about all four of them! :)