Snow on the Roof (Anthology)

Snow on the Roof - Layla M. Wier, Dottie Stratton, Pinkie Rae Parker, Rhidian Brenig Jones, Amy Rae Durreson, Mari Donne, Tray Ellis, A.C.  Valentine, Chris Scully, John Inman, Maggie Lee, Kim Fielding, J. Leigh Bailey, Sam C. Leonhard, Linda James, Laylah Hunter

3.5 stars

Nachos on Saturday by J. Leigh Bailey – 2.5 stars: Eating some nachos, sex and wallowing in self-pity.

Full Circle by Rhidian Brenig Jones – 3.75 stars: So bittersweet – really liked it!

Hunting Season by AC Valentine – 3.25 stars: Really liked Carson and how oblivious he was.

Ivory Black, Flecked with White by Laylah Hunter – 3.25 stars: Although it was a short story, I could get a glimpse of the deep love the two MC’s felt for each other.

Loving Again by John Inman – 2.75 stars: Sad but with a happy ending (but maybe a little too soon?)

Curtain Calls by Pinkie Rae Parker – 3.5 stars: An “old” beast actor and his young rival. Drama!

Straight Shooting by Maggie Lee – 3.5 stars: I actually liked this one a lot. Would have been perfect with shorter sex scenes.

Picture This by Dottie Stratton & Linda James – 3.5 stars: Really liked the beginning. The ending (or the part where they became lovers) felt a bit rushed.

Hero Worship by Sam C. Leonhard – 4 stars: Rude young man seduces grumpy old wizard. Loved it!

The Way to a Fisherman's Heart by Tray Ellis – 4.25 stars: Liked this one a lot! (Even though I know nothing about fishing, but it had this calm feeling I really loved!)

The Bodyguard's Dilemma by Chris Scully – 4 stars: Sweet and really good! The ending was a little abrupt.

Queening Out by Mari Donne – 3.75 stars: A misunderstanding. And yes, Kevin is a little drama queen. ;)

No Place Like Home by Kim Fielding – 3.5 stars: Favorite scene: Joey opening the door without knocking… *g*

Waiting for the Light by Layla M. Wier – 3.75 stars: Ah damn… nearly cried. Loved the happy ending!

Granddad's Cup of Tea by Amy Rae Durreson – 4 stars: Loved the slow pace of the story.