Santuario - G.B. Gordon

I’m really happy that I gave this new author a try! G.B. Gordon created an interesting world with two very different societies, a mystery I wanted to see solved and above all a book with a gripping plot and two main characters you will like!

Alex, being my favorite, is more the silent, lonesome type and lives on Santuario – an island completely isolated from the rest of the world and ruled by the familias. Neither the people nor the police have the power to change anything. But there’s hope.
Bengt, on the other hand, seems to live in paradise (Alex: ”It wasn’t anything tangible that made it paradise, but just the fact that it wasn’t Santuario.”). Family and friends are a big part of his life and being gay not in the least a problem.

Besides the mystery and the subtle romance between Alex and Bengt, there was another part of the story which touched me and generated mixed feelings: **Spoiler** Luìs Rukow – Alex’s father. At first I really didn’t like him, I even despised him! To say he didn’t love his child would be an understatement. But towards the end of the book I slowly changed my mind. In a strange way he loves his son, wants to protect him but sees no other way than to use terror and brute force. Sure, he is still a criminal and a bastard, but damn, I felt sorry for him! **Spoiler end**

So yes, I’m really glad that Santuario isn’t the last book in this world because I really liked it and there are still some unanswered questions. **Spoiler**  What’s with the computers from the first ship? What’s their secret? What happened to Svoboda or the familias? Or how is live in Jarðvegur? And most important: Are Alex and Bengt finally happy? **Spoiler end**

And in case you get a little bit confused at the beginning, just read on. It eventually will all make sense. :)