Dark Designs (Half Lives Series) - Luisa Prieto “No matter what you call yourself, you are still my knight.”

The Darkness’ knights are rising and Kyler Withers is one of them.
While Kyler slowly learns who he really is or was, all the other main players are starting to gather around him for the big showdown (sadly not in this book). Among them are some old “friends” – Rhune and Avery, the Darkness itself and Sorin – once Kyler’s lover. Like Kyler, Sorin struggles with dreams and memories of his past life as a mage. But despite the fact that he never was the Darkness’ servant, it still has a special interest in him…

Dark Designs gripped me from the first page and held my attention all the way through. Luisa Prieto created a fascinating and imaginative dark fantasy story, where the focus is more on what is happening to our main characters and the story itself. Don’t get me wrong, there is romance, just not in the “present” and not as graphic as some of you would like. ;) But I didn’t care (on the contrary, I loved it!), because this book was so full of other good stuff, I never felt like I missed anything.

My only problem now: I WANT THE NEXT BOOK!