He Speaks Dead - Adrienne Wilder

4.5 stars.

Love between a ghost and a human? This can’t be easy – and it isn’t. Even so, Ethan and Charlie are happy with what they have, until they meet Briggs. For the first time in years Charlie is attracted to someone who’s living and Ethan, who knows exactly how dangerous he can be for Charlie, has two options: Giving Charlie up or staying with him. And as if that weren’t enough, there’s another, darker problem they need to solve…

I immediately liked Ethan, who’s telling the story. His love for Charlie, his sense of humor and his reluctance to leave his lover made him almost real, even though he’s a ghost. The same goes for Charlie, his past and his special talent. He may like Briggs a little bit more than he wants, but he’s sure he will never stop loving Ethan. And Briggs? God, I liked him too! Big bad cop who doesn’t believe in ghosts. Perfect!

For the most part of the book I wondered how it would end. Would Charlie stay with Ethan? Would he really fall in love with Briggs? Would all three of them…? **Spoiler** Although I had a feeling something bad would happen I was still shocked and yes, I cried a little bit. I’m still not sure whether I should like it or not but it’s definitely an ending I won’t forget. **Spoiler end**

Besides the romance, there’s also a mystery part (and a good one), action, suspense, more ghosts and some darker things. Exactly what I like!