Half a Million Dead Cannibals by Kari Gregg

Half a Million Dead Cannibals - Kari Gregg

3.75 stars.

Zombies!! Need I say more? ;)

Uhm, okay.

Half a Million Dead Cannibals is a little, action-packed story with two surprisingly tough guys, some fellow survivors who aren’t so friendly and a city full of zombies.

Riley – one of the friendlier survivors – is young, smart and doesn’t like to be called babe (not that this would matter to Graham). During the whole story, some of my favorite scenes were when he was alone and desperate to find his partner again. Err… and the scenes with Graham. *g* Graham, on the other hand, was and still is a little mystery to me. He’s hot, a leader type and he obviously likes Riley but I wanted to know more!

It was exciting to see how they would survive and for a “short” story I liked it exactly how it was (okay, maybe a little bit more drama and suspense? ;P). Of course I still have some questions but with a HFN and a little imagination on my part, I was totally satisfied.