Enigma by Lloyd A. Meeker

Enigma - Lloyd A. Meeker

Rhys “Russ” Morgan is proudly fifty and has one or maybe two regrets in his life. As if this wasn’t enough he’s also single. Oh, and an empath – which is actually pretty useful for his job and his current case.

The story itself focuses mostly on the mystery, which gave the whole book a “mainstreamy feel”. It’s definitely not a romance, but I’m not sure what will happen in the future. :)
The mystery wasn’t so hard to figure out and my only niggle would be the “religious theme” – but that is just my personal taste!

What I really liked was Russ’ voice. Even though he’s an empath and a PI, he was charmingly ordinary and at the same time a little bit mysterious.

A really good start for a new series!